Dietitian Nutritionist in India Article Page.

Adequate nutrition before and during pregnancy has greater potential for a long-term health impacts than it does at any other time.

A woman who has been well nourished before conception begins her pregnancy with reverse of several nutrients so that the needs of the growing foetus can be met without affecting her health. Infants, who are well nourished in the womb, have an enhanced chance of entering life in good physical and mental health. The effect of undernutrition during reproduction will vary depending upon the nutrients involved, the length of time it is lacking and the stage of gestation at which it occurs.

A women who’s diet is adequate before pregnancy is usually able to bear a full term viable infant, without extensive modification of her diet. Mother’s diet should produce adequate nutrients so that the maternal stores do not get depleted and produce sufficient milk to nourishes her child after birth. The nutritional demands are highly increased is an adolescent mother.

Also many of the complication in pregnancy like Anemia, Constipation, Acidity, Odema, Blood Pressure, Pregnancy induced Hypertension, Diabetes can be avoided or controlled with the help of right diet plan.