Weight gain
Dietitian Nutritionist in India Article Page.

                Physical and psychosocial pressure influence adolescent’s eating habits. Boy’s fares better than girls in that his large appetite and sheer volume of food lead him to consume adequate nutrients. The adolescent girl may gain weight due to physiologic sex difference associated with fat deposited during this period and comparative lack of physical activity. Social pressure and personal tension concerning figure control may make her flow unwise, self-imposed crash diet for weight loss. Self starvation may result in complex and far reaching eating disorders like anorexia, nervosa and bulimia.

                Teenagers have the reputation of having the worst eating habits. They may skip a meal particularly breakfast. There are more skippers among girls than boys. Those who take breakfast may consume foods which are nutritionally inadequate. Missing breakfast may be due to eating disorders, peer pressure, lack of time and no nutritional awareness. They may eat fast foods which are generally inadequate in calcium and vitamin a but high in calories, saturate fat and sodium.

                Dieting places adolescents at risk of unhealthful eating and physical activity behaviours. People “go on a diet” often have time-related behaviour. Instead they should plan for a long-term behaviour changes such as avoiding eating binges, eating more fruits and vegetables starting the day with breakfast and engaging in physical activity.