Obese children
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Poor dietary habits combines with decreased physical activities have led to an  increase in over weight and obesity  among adolescents.

                Adolescents who eat high calorie  and high fat foods become overweight and obese. Skipping meals at home and consuming foods thata are junk (very salty, high sugar and fat) also cintrinute to overweight. They may snack between meals. They may not include fruits and vegetables in their diet. Comsumption of high glycaemic foods may lead to hormonal and metabolic changes promoting extensive food intake.

                An extensive intake of calories is less often then cause than lack of excersice. Concern about personal apperance may make the adolescent more reluctant to participate in activities like dance ans sports that control weight. Adolescents may do not excersice, watch Tv for long times and commute to school by vechiles. Sometime adolescent spend all their time on studies, leading a sedentary life. And they do not spend time on physical activities. As mental activities require little energy, they may tend to put on weight.

The prevelance of adolescnet obesity can be reduced by encouraging physiical activity and healthy food habits.